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Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Currently, UMA has eight faculties in the main campus in Ardabil and one faculty in each of Namin, Meshgin Shahr, and Moghan Campuses with about 11000 students, 287 faculty members and 323 staff. It now offers more than 221 majors; 58 PhD programs, 86 Master programs, 69 Bachelor programs, and 8 Associate programs. The founding dates of different faculties appear below:

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (1979),

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Moghan Campus) (1981),

Faculty of Engineering (1990),

Faculty of Basic Sciences (1993),

Faculty of Humanities (Namin Campus) (1996),

Faculty of Humanities (Main Campus) (2003),

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (2011),

Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Technology (2012),

Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology (2012),

Faculty of Agriculture (Meshgin Shahr Campus) (2013), and

Faculty of New Technologies (2013)


In the table below you can see the name of the chief administrative members and the deans of the faculties:



Dr. Sadeghi Hashjin, Goudarz

Director General of Chancellor’s Office             

Dr. Yousefian Darani, Ahmad

Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology            

Professor Narimani, Mohammad

Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Graduate Studies       

Dr. Ebrahimi, Morteza

Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance           

Dr. Ebadi Khazineh Qadim, Ali

Vice-Chancellor for Students Affairs              

Dr. Rassooli Sharabiani, Vali

Vice-Chancellor for Social and Cultural Affairs              

Dr. Fanni Asl, Abbas

Head of International Relations Office

Dr. Abdi, Reza



UMA Faculties’ deans:


Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Chamani, Esmaeil


Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources  (Moghan Campus)

Dr. Ghazaei, Siamak


Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Mirzaei, Behruz


Faculty of Basic Sciences

Dr. Nassiri, Farugh


Faculty of  Humanities (Namin Campus)

Dr. Asadollahi, Khodabakhsh


Faculty of Humanities

Dr. Novin Rangraz, Hossein


Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Latifi, Dariyush


Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Natural Resources

Dr. Rassoulzadeh, Ali


Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Dr. Siahkuhian, Marefat


Faculty of Agriculture (Meshgin Shahr Campus)             

Dr. Azizpour, Aidin


Faculty of New Technologies

Dr. Azizian, Yashar



Academic Year

The academic year in this university is divided into two semesters; namely, Fall/Autumn and spring. Fall semester begins in September and ends in January, and the spring semester begins in February and ends in June. Summer semesters are sometimes offered starting in June and ending in September.