A Brief History of UMA

A Brief History of the University

UMA was initially established as Ardabil Junior College of Agriculture in 1978 with the enrollment of 30 students pursuing associate degree in Agriculture. Despite its modest beginning, UMA underwent comprehensive structural and organizational changes within a relatively short period of time.

In 1991, the Ardabil Junior College of Agriculture was separated from the University of Tabriz and qualified into an autonomous Center for High Education. Later, in 1996, it was further qualified to University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

Subsequent licensure from the Council for Expansion of Higher Education provided the chance for establishing Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Literature and Humanities in Ardabil and Namin, as well as the Junior College of Agriculture in Moghan.

However, the largest steps in the expansion of the university were taken during the past 4 years when the number of faculties grew up to 11, and the number of degree programs and students dramatically increased. More notably, the approved PhD programs suddenly amounted to more than fifty whereas there were only two programs by the time. This dramatic development was made possible by great efforts invested by the authorities, facility development, and a good number of faculty members employed in the university. 

The chancellors of UMA to date who have taken the great strides to build the university beside the faculty members and the staff:

1. Prof. Dr. Noori Ghonbalani, Ghadir (March 1991- February 1993) 

2. Dr. Mostaghim,  Reza (February 1993- July 1996)

3. Dr. Mirshokraei, Seyyed Ahmad (July 1996-August 1997)

4. Dr. Ghassemi- Golezani, Kazem  (August 1997- July 2004)

5. Dr. Habibi Yengjeh,  Aziz (July 2004 - February 2009)

6. Dr. Ganji, Masoud (February 2009-April 2014)

7. Dr. Sadeghi Hashjin, Goudarz  (April 2014- continues)